Hyper Oracle Closes $3M Pre-Seed Round Led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed Fund

Hyper Oracle
2 min readJan 20, 2023

Led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed Fund, with participation from Foresight Ventures, FutureMoney Group, as well as ventures and angel investors who believe in the future of trustless, and decentralized blockchain networks.


We are thrilled to announce that Hyper Oracle recently closed a $3M pre-seed round led by dao5 and Sequoia China Seed Fund. This round is also joined by Foresight Ventures, FutureMoney Group and other institutions and angel investors.

The funding will be used for development of zkMiddleware protocols and the zkOracle network, as well as cutting-edge research on zero-knowledge proof technologies.

We are building zkMiddleware protocols of zkIndexing and zkAutomation, to provide end-to-end trustless, and decentralized infrastructure for Web3 dApps.

We recently published research on zkPoS, and released the first open-source implementation of Halo2 BLS12–381 Pairing library as the core component of zkPoS.

About Hyper Oracle

Hyper Oracle is building the ultimate Web3 zkMiddleware protocols and zkOracle network, with Math as a Consensus. Hyper Oracle is developing the next generation of indexing and automation protocols with zkWASM virtual machine to solve the challenges of security, decentralization, computational integrity, and performance of blockchain middleware.

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